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Border & Critical Infrastructure Security


Safex Integrated Solutions and Sensors Group focuses on providing modular-designed, but integrated solutions to a nation’s needs for ensuring the safety, security, and resiliency of a country’s population, territorial sovereignty, national borders, cities and urban environments, infrastructures, and main installations. These solutions are tailored for dealing not only with terrorist actions or hostile elements from without and within, but also natural disasters and other events that threaten the daily lives and support-infrastructure of the country, its institutions, services, etc. in a wide ranging scope of situations and scenarios.

Border Security & Surveillance

National borders are always a critical priority as they are continuously under threat of infiltration by terrorist organizations, smugglers, illegal immigrants, hostile forces and other criminal elements.
Safex Integrated Solutions and Sensors Group offers customer-tailored real-time integrated border security and surveillance systems that accurately ensure the detection, location and targeting of all border threats and activities 24 hours a day, in all weather and low visibility conditions. All Safex solutions are tailored to comply with each and every country’s specific needs, and security forces’ concept of operations and doctrines for responding to threats. Configured as modular, multi-layered solutions ensuring growth capability and continued modernization and updating of security systems in the future, Safex border security and surveillance solutions include both fixed and mobile intelligence systems integrated with air and land-based manned and unmanned platforms.

Typical Suites of Systems and sensors would include:

  • Detection/localization
    • Active fence / electric security fence
    • Ground surveillance radar of varying ranges
    • Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS)
    • UCommunications interception
  • Recognition/identification
    • Electro optical sensors
    • Video surveillance
    • Face recognition
  • Tracking
    • Surveillance radar with automatic and continuous tracking
    • Radio equipment tracking

Combination of various types of surveillance platforms:

  • Fixed site
    • Tower
    • Mast
  • Mobile ground platforms
    • Onboard vehicles (COTS and military)
    • Unmanned ground vehicles (UGV’s and robots)
  • Deployable ground platforms
    • Border police, customs, rapid reaction forces, etc.
    • Mobile C2 vehicles
    • Armored and soft, wheeled or tracked vehicles
  • Airborne platforms
    • Aircraft, helicopter
    • UAS / UAV
    • Aerostat

HLS (“Safe & Smart”) Cities Safex Integrated Solutions and Sensors Group also specializes in providing whole solutions for the ongoing operation of “safe” and “smart” cities and the successful management of urban populations and national infrastructure in time of crisis.
Company solutions are comprised of a comprehensive modular-designed C4I program that include the deployment of advanced cyber security tools and specially designed situation rooms for overseeing and monitoring the national infrastructure network. Solutions encompass the organization and setup of routine and crisis management rooms for monitoring and moving all emergency services and rapid response teams in a timely, integrated manner across all event types that threaten or affect the population, buildings, utilities, public transportation, communications, economic, and other elements of critical national infrastructure.

Critical Infrastructure Protection Critical infrastructure such as airports, sea ports, refineries, power plants, harbors, chemical plants, oil rigs, pipelines, stadiums and other sport facilities; banking/financial, governmental and public administration buildings, etc. are all sought after high-value targets for criminal or terrorist organizations. Safex Integrated Solutions and Sensors Group offers complete security and protection of such infrastructures. The end goal is to reduce or eliminate the exposure to risk, keep security personnel safe, and to protect the general population.
Safex solutions employ a variety of security sensors and systems based on multiple technologies that work together to provide complete capability:

Intrusion detection systems encompass:

  • Electronic access controls
  • Day and night video surveillance
  • Facial and biometric recognition
  • Advanced tracking radars
  • Thermal imaging cameras
  • Wide area and localized magnetic sensors

Safex specializes in the design of multi-layer protection based on the integration of various sub-systems:

  • Perimeter protection
    • Perimeter sensors and fencing
    • Cameras (Video Motion Detection, PTZ etc.)
  • Outdoor security systems
    • Vehicle tracking system, surveillance radars
    • Special surveillance systems etc.
    • Tactical UAVs (fixed and rotary-wing, hand launched or runway takeoff and landing)
  • Indoor security systems
    • Passenger identification system
    • Access control systems (including biometric recognition) etc.
  • Local, Regional and National Command and Control Centers

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