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Aircraft MRO & Upgrading

Flugzeug Prominent within the Safex global network is a world-leading MRO and aircraft upgrading and modernization unit serving airline and military customers around the globe.

The Safex Aircraft MRO-UP carries out comprehensive maintenance, repair and overhaul services for fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft, powerplants and aircraft components, including refurbishment and repair, modifications, upgrades, conversions and development programs, all under one roof with turnaround times unmatched in the aviation industry.

Learn more about our main capabilites regarding MRO & Conversion in this ( PDF brochure ).

Our main areas of business include:

• Being a Full Service Provider for complete MRO of Aircraft/Airframes, Powerplants and Platform Components

• Cargo Conversion Programs on a variety of Boeing family aircraft and others

• Military Special Mission Programs including remissionizing aircraft as aerial tankers, intelligence, maritime patrol, and C2.

Safex Aircraft MRO-UP empowers operators to optimally employ their aviation resources reliably and concentrate on what they do best: providing flying transport service to travelers and cargo handlers.

The associate Safex Aircraft MRO-UP is certified by the major civil aviation air regulatory authorities and air forces around the world.

Safex Aircraft MRO-UP extensive facilities covering over 425,000 sq. meters (165,000 sqm. under roof) provide the full spectrum of maintenance and overhaul services, to handle twin-aisle (wide-body) and narrow-body aircraft on annual basis: nearly 200 aircraft— including Boeing, Lockheed, Airbus, and others; in excess of 500 powerplants, including Pratt & Whitney, General Electric, Rolls-Royce, CFMI, and others, from disassembly through inspection n and repair to full computerized testing; servicing over 40,000 components and aircraft systems including— hydraulic components, gearboxes, landing gears and avionics equipment, with auxiliary power units (APU’s) processed in a focused center of excellence.

With nearly 40 years of experience, a specialty of Safex Aircraft MRO-UP includes being a world leader large-aircraft cargo conversion operation, and military aircraft ”remissionizer” through the conversion and retrofit of commercial transports into special mission aircraft. A prime example is the B767 Multi-Mission Tanker Transport program introduced from within the Safex network. Converted and repaired aircraft have already accumulated over 2.5 million flying hours.

Safex Aircraft MRO-UP operates within four main operating divisions, with additional facilities and partnerships in countries worldwide, among them facilities in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and South America.

- The Aircraft and Special Programs Divisions carry out conversions, modifications, upgrades and comprehensive-maintenance packages on a wide array of commercial
  and military aircraft.

- The Engines & Powerplants Division is a full-service facility for maintenance, repair overhaul, conversion and testing of commercial and military engines and accessories.

- The Components & Systems Division engages in the maintenance, overhaul, modification, refurbishment, repair and testing of
  commercial and military aircraft systems, sub-systems, and components.

Within the Safex global network is a world-leading conversion capability for military conversions including aerial tankers and special mission configurations:

• Development of PODS, HDU's, Booms, Advanced Operator Stations and Optronic Looking Systems
• Integration on B707, C-130, IL-78 aircraft and B767
• Tens of conversions to Air-Air Refueling configurations for more than 14 customers worldwide
• Conversion of hundreds of combat aircraft and helicopters as receivers.

Safex Aircraft MRO-UP should be a natural choice based on:
• Extensive experience and legacy programs as a Full Service Provider (FSP)
• Complete OEM capabilities under-one-roof: design, engineering, certification & production
• High quality
• Reliability
• Global Customer Support 24/7, 365 days of the year

Safex Aircraft MRO-UP Programs
Full spectrum of maintenance, modifications and overhaul services on wide body and narrow body aircraft, including:

• Boeing/(McDonnell Douglas)
• Lockheed
• Airbus
• Business and Executive Jets

Engines & Powerplants
Complete engine repair from the initial inspection, disassembly through comprehensive repair and overhaul, and if necessary modification, upgrade, conversion and parts refurbishment of civilian and military aircraft engines, including:

• Pratt & Whitney
• GE
• RR
• Honeywell

Aircraft Systems & Components
Maintenance, overhaul and upgrade of 13,000 types of civilian and military aircraft systems and components, encompassing:

• Hydraulic and fuel system components
• Gear boxes
• Landing gear
• Avionics systems and aircraft electrical equipment
• Specific expertise in Auxiliary Power Units - APUs
• Pneumatic & E.C.S components
• CSD/IDG Transmissions
• Main and tail rotor blades, transmissions & dynamic component

Safex Aircraft MRO-UP Network Advanced Capabilities
• Heavy maintenance and repair, including "C" and "D" checks in various locations around the world
• Total maintenance support services as a "Full Service Provider"
• Full coverage, on-site line maintenance - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
• Aging modification and life extension programs - nacelle strut and wing modifications
• Post-accident damage repairs
• Corrosion prevention
• Full PAX-Full Freighter Cargo conversions
• Interior reconfiguration & refurbishment.
• Special mission aircraft conversions – intelligence and airborne early warning, maritime air patrol, air-to-air tankers, anti-submarine
  warfare - ELINT/COMINT/Long-Range Observation, etc.
• Cockpit modernizations/system upgrades - avionics, fuel, hydraulics, electrical, system obsolescence.
• Communications/navigation system modernizations.
• Development programs - re-engining, weight reduction, fire protection systems, in-flight automatic storage systems.

Among a variety of military aircraft, Safex is a specialist in the maintenance, repair, overhaul, upgrade, and modification of Lockheed Martin C130 aircraft.

To date, our the Safex Aircraft MRO-UP group has carried out nearly 300 C130 PDM’s (Programmed Depot Maintenance), and has upgraded, missionized, and retrofitted tens of C130 aircraft as air-refueling tankers and other special mission platforms. Additionally, as a one-stop shop, we are fully prepared, equipped and certified to carry out the maintenance of the T56 engines, and on board systems, accessories and components (i.e. APU’s and others) in conjunction with a PDM or in a separate maintenance schedules for these aircraft systems.

Safex Aircraft MRO-UP Group is certified by leading air regulatory authorities worldwide, aircraft OEM's, airlines, and military operators (Air Forces & Naval Air Arms).

The main features of the Safex MRO-UP upgraded C-130 transport comprise:

• Data integration to "Data Centers" - MFD (Multi Functional Displays) and CDU (Control Display Unit).
• Dual FMS - providing IFR and Tactical Navigation & Guidance.
• Flight-safety enhancements through an advanced Terrain Avoidance Warning System (TAWS), Enhanced Traffic Collision Avoidance
  System (ETCAS), Weather Radar and Windshear alert.
• Intuitive control and advanced capabilities of the Digital Flight Control System (DFCS), enabling CAT II landing approach.
• Integration of full civil airways, terminal, approach and airport data, with the military flight plan and operational data,
  in the squadron-level Mission Planning System to provide the crew with automatic flight-plan and database.
• Optional systems and sensors include: EW suit, HUD, FLIR, NVG, UFCD.

The integrated, open architecture approach used for the C-130 avionics system is based on a single operational software program. This software is the only one requiring update for integration of new systems. This approach provides much flexibility to use Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) elements enabling the tailoring of the avionics package to meet the customer's exact requirements.

The display system consists of 4-6 Multi-Functional Color Displays (MFD), which integrate and present all required data for all mission phases. Each display can show data from any combination of sensors. Any crewmember can create his/her display per his/her working preference to achieve an optimum task distribution, load sharing and cockpit resource management within the cockpit and other crew-stations.

The upgrade package extends aircraft operational life, reduces life-cycle costs (LCC), and enables improved crew efficiency, interoperability and operational capability. The upgrade package achieves improved overall reliability, lower maintenance costs and provides substantial growth potential for future needs.

The upgraded Safex MRO-UP C-130 enhances flight safety by using an advanced display system and integrating the data presented to the crew thereby allowing them to concentrate on the operational and flight-safety tasks and reduce the crew’s workload.

The Safex MRO-UP upgraded C-130 avionics system meets all the Global Air Traffic Management (GATM) requirements, thereby permitting worldwide operation well into the future.

Helicopter Avionics and Structural Upgrades
Within the Safex MRO-UP company network is a world leader in the development and implementation of cost effective military and civilian rotary-wing upgrade and modernization programs. Safex MRO-UP companies have overhauled and upgraded thousands of helicopters for air forces and customers from around the world (in the United States, Middle East, Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa).

Safex MRO-UP builds on its network-based state-of-the-art upgrade solutions which significantly enhance today's helicopter's operational capabilities, enabling effective performance of operations at levels comparable with new helicopters. Upgrading helicopters is a cost effective alternative to purchasing extremely costly, new platforms.

Upgrade packages incorporate advanced avionics, sensors, weapons and self-defense systems, all of which are tailored to the exact requirements of each specific Customer. By drawing on the experience of our team of experienced air force pilots, who have flown missions in a variety of environments, Safex's helicopter upgrades are optimized to meet the real demands of current operations.

SAFEX also provides maintenance, overhaul and refurbishment services for Western and Russian (Soviet era and post-Soviet era) rotary-wing aircraft. SAFEX MRO-UP primary associate upgrading house is authorized by Bell Helicopters and other leading helicopter providers to perform maintenance and repairs on their platforms.

A typical Safex MRO-UP helicopter upgrade includes:
• Adaptations for night operations with new EO/FLIR systems and NVG compatibility Cockpit reconfiguration for reduced air crew workload
• New accurate navigation system with Digital Moving Map and real-time mission planning capabilities
• Advanced mission systems and sensors tailored to the operational requirements

Safex offers a cost-effective tailored naval helicopter (Skimmer) upgrade package. Skimmer is built around powerful SAFEX sensors and systems which are integrated together optimally to meet the challenges of naval helicopter missions.

The Safex MRO-UP group has successfully integrated advanced avionics systems on numerous eastern and western aircraft, and helicopter platforms. Safex adapts its mature and proven core avionics system to meet specific customer requirements for low-risk, low-cost upgrade programs that are implemented within demanding schedules.

Safex MRO-UP Avionics Upgrade & Integration

C130Cockpit AFTER Avionics Upgrade
Safex MRO-UP upgrade packages include proven advanced avionics subsystems, efficiently integrated to provide the most effective overall performance. The Safex MRO-UP group of companies develops systems that support the mission performance of both fixed-wing and rotary–wing aircraft.

Safex MRO-UP internationally sourced and integrated multi-disciplinary teams include very experienced, highly skilled former and current air force pilots, engineers, and technicians, who apply advanced software development tools and integration laboratories to provide required expertise in the following fields:

• Integration of state-of-the-art avionics, radar, navigation, weapons and self-defense systems for military aircraft and helicopters
• Cockpit designs based on human-machine interface principles and the input of experienced pilots
• Pilot-friendly avionics systems (driven via mission tailored modes)
• Aeronautical, structural, and electrical engineering for installation of new systems

Safex MRO-UP and its associate companies successfully integrated advanced avionics systems on numerous eastern and western fixed-wing aircraft, and helicopter platforms. The company adapts its mature and debugged core avionics system to meet specific customer requirements for low-risk, low-cost upgrade programs, that are implemented within short schedules.

Digital Moving Map (DMM)

One of Safex MRO-UP sister company has designed and produces an advanced and operationally proven Digital Moving Map (DMM) system.

The DMM has been incorporated on military fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft from around the world. The operation and performance of the DMM is based on the operational experience of aircraft and helicopter pilots.

The DMM system is easy to integrate on most platforms and displays the map images on an MFD that is completely synchronized with the movement of the aircraft/helicopter.

Control of the DMM is via a user-friendly interface that enables in-flight navigational planning.

The DMM displays include:
• Multi-layered display of topographic and intelligence data
• Display of the flight plan and mission, including destination points, targets and threats
• Planning mode that enables entering or updating data during flight
• An automatic warning system for pre-loaded threats, no-flight zones and obstacles
• Side view mode capability that provides intuitive look-ahead safety measures, using a DTM database
• Terrain Look Ahead View (TLAV) function, with vertical projection of the flight path
• 3D Perspective View (3DPV) with 3-D terrain imaging
• Global Orientation Map (GOM) display

Tactical Mid-Air Collision Avoidance (TMACA)
The Tactical Mid-Air Collision Avoidance (TMACA) system is another Safex MRO-UP sister company proven solution to prevent collisions during helicopter tactical mission and formation flights. Helicopters equipped with TMACA are networked with each other in a "system envelope" arrangement. The system can be used for both military and civilian helicopters.

The system envelope monitors all helicopters on the network for unexpected traffic with a 15-second or less impact flight path, a 40-meter or less space between helicopters or a hover-landing collision situation. The network calculates collision conditions using a Dynamic High Trajectory Evaluation algorithm and automatically alerts the pilot with recommended avoidance measures if a potential collision is predicted. The system's components include a Global Positioning System, data link and radio altimeters to send data to a monitoring network that tracks the movement and location of all helicopters. It records flight data building a picture of "near misses" and gives investigators a means to prevent recurrences according to lessons learnt.

Mission Planning & Debriefing System (MPDS)
The Safex MRO-UP sister company Mission Planning and Debriefing System (MPDS) is designed for fast and easy mission planning and debriefing. It meets the mission planning requirements of fighters, helicopters and tactical transport aircraft. The MPDS consists of the following four sections:

• Mission preparation
• Mission debriefing
• Database
• System definition

Wire Harnesses In order to enhance the responsiveness of Safex MRO-UP to customer requirements, Safex has integrated into the company electrical wire harnesses services and products, from "build-to-print" to "turn key" programs. For all these programs, Safex takes full responsibility for design, development, manufacturing, integration, installation, and testing.

Safex's Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) environment is built around CAD/CAM systems that create an integrated, paperless process. The system can accommodate design and production data in various formats, including 3D UNIGRAPHIC or CATIA generated data.

Our manufacturing capabilities include ink-jet and laser reel-to-reel wire printing, braiding using metallic or fiber wires, molding and sealing of connectors, and testing using DIT-MCO Test Systems.

Typical wiring programs include:
• Production of aircraft wire kits for Gulfstream business jets.
• Rewiring program for the F-4 aircraft and upgraded CH-53 helicopter - design, production and installation of complete wire
  kits on the helicopters

A prominent member of the Safex MRO-UP network has successfully undertaken major upgrades and modernization programs for several air forces. These programs can be divided into two key configurations, to meet the fighter aircraft and trainer aircraft requirements.

• Fighter aircraft upgrade configurations — typically include integration of a new modern avionics system, with reconfigured cockpits
  and advanced navigation, Fire Control Radar, and RWR sensors. In addition the program included the integration of new weapons.

• Trainer aircraft configurations — include integration of a glass cockpit, but rather than integrating costly sensors,
  Safex uses virtual systems that provide the same operational behavior to accurately simulate these systems.

Safex upgrades are tailored to meet the advanced lead-in F-16 and F-18 trainer requirements and those of other 4th generation fighters. The upgrade package includes: New Mission Computer, Multi-Function Displays, accurate navigation sensors and a unique Virtual Training System (VTS).

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