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Naval Systems
Within its international team, the SafexNaval and Marine Groupprovides a range of operationally-proven, sophisticated naval and maritime security platforms and management systems to national navies and fleets worldwide.

Safex technologies and solutionsare focused across the naval spectrum to achieve and sustain dominance in the maritime arena, constantly evolving to meet new threats and challenges as they are introduced.

When sharpness crosses the borders

  • ANATAK presents a revolution in maritime operation
  • ANATAK provides unmanned capabilities for the entire range of Homeland Security and Naval applications.
  • ANATAK also provides manual and fully autonomous operation, along with a modular, flexible design to suit the customer’s requirements.

For more information, please refer to our brochure, which you can download as pdf file: ANATAK Specifications (pdf) | Applications, Features (pdf)

Safex Sas
Safex Sas
Safex Sas

Stingray Fast Patrol & Interdiction Craft (Download brochure)
The Stingray Class of Multi-Mission Patrol, Interdictionand AttackBoats - The ideal purpose-designed high speed / high endurance platform for the diverse variety of missions of off-shore patrol, EEZ control, law enforcement, naval intelligence, command & control, interdiction and boarding of suspect targets, as well as non-military missions such as search & rescue, humanitarian assistance, and disaster relief.

All Stingray class variants are fast and agile, and designed to attain and sustain high operating tempos. The hull geometry provides stable seakeeping at all speeds, and a dry deck during high-speed runs and pursuit as the craft skips across the surface.

The Stingray and thesmaller design, SeaStinger,both place an emphasis on high maneuverability and operational proficiency from the shallowest inlets and beaches to shallow littorals and beyond. The propulsion and steering systems of this class of craft also accommodate extremely shallow draft and beaching operations.

All Safex craft are suitably sized to provide ample fuel reserves, adaptable mission payloads (including sensors, weapons, ammunition, countermeasures, etc.), and are ergonomically designed with comfortable crew accommodations and work environments. Deep sea capable, but specifically designed from the keel up for the full array of littoral, anti-terror, law enforcement and coastal security missions, the latest generation Stingrayis ‘mission agile' providing ‘flexibility in command decisions'.

Safex Sas
Safex Sas
Safex Sas
Safex Sas
Safex Sas

SOMS – Safex Operations Management System
SOMS provides a Common Tactical Picture and Threat Evaluation to support all levels of decision making processes and control resource allocation for naval and maritime security engagements. SOMS assures effective utilization of the advantages of each system on the ship and optimal usage of their capabilities according to the situation.

Safex Sas

The SOMS design is based on extensive research of ship operational activities, at the individual ship level, at a formation level, and at the battle force level. The basic traditional OODA (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) loop model is applied to all major activities.

Safex Sas

SOMS Main Building Blocks:
Main Unit (MU)
Multi-Function Consoles (MFC) Modular and open architecture allows incorporation of different sensor types (Surveillance and Fire Control Radars, Electro-Optical Directors, ESM, sonars, etc.) while supporting various weapons and other systems, in all types of attack and defense missions. SOMS interfaces with the major ship systems via a high performance LAN. Using fast Ethernet interfaces, SOMS provides a standard system interconnection scheme. Dedicated Bus Interface Units (BIU) support any other systems with special electrical interfaces.
Safex Sas Naval Sensors

Stabilized Optronic Sensors
Safex integrates advanced multi-functional radars and COMINT and ESM systems into SOMS andits naval and maritime surface fleet suites, providing a wide range of solutions for every ship size, mission definition and budget range. Laser Warning Systems (LWS) from various producers are also provided when operationally required.

Working with leading manufacturers in the world, Safex also offers various types of integrated Sonar systems.

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